No.Le.M. Testing in SXOOAP Palianis


No legend map” is an initiative oriented to the creation of maps without legend, through the use of Geographic Information Systems.

The theoretical features used to realize this kind of maps, are “Jacques Bertin visual variables” and “.svg files”.

The use of different visual variables to describe some information, can influence the perception of the observer.

For this reason it’s very important to consider position, size, shape, value, colour, orientation and texture when we are making maps. Integrating this variables with the use of .svg files (schalable vector system) it would be possible to represent maps, spatial and territorial information, without the need of the legend.

Here there is some test with the application of No.Le.M to the SXOOAP of Palianis:

at this scale we can look the map but without legend we are not able to understand which kind of information represent each colour/texture.

Sxooap Palianis



At the scale 1:10000 we can look and read some information but not clearly.

If we try to use a bigger scale, for example 1:5000, we can look and read directly the information without the need of the legend.

1 5k


changing scale

Changing colors, sizes, orientation of the .svg files we can realize differents patterns for the different types of information that we are representing.

The biggest problem is to realize a good graphic work, but maybe with the help of some graphic designer, the final result could be better.







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