Territorial use Index of Heraklion

index of territorial use#1-10-100Ha
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No.Le.M. Testing in SXOOAP Palianis


No legend map” is an initiative oriented to the creation of maps without legend, through the use of Geographic Information Systems.

The theoretical features used to realize this kind of maps, are “Jacques Bertin visual variables” and “.svg files”.

The use of different visual variables to describe some information, can influence the perception of the observer.

For this reason it’s very important to consider position, size, shape, value, colour, orientation and texture when we are making maps. Integrating this variables with the use of .svg files (schalable vector system) it would be possible to represent maps, spatial and territorial information, without the need of the legend.

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Testing sulla frammentazione spaziale dell’utilizzazione territoriale.

Si è analizzata una porzione dell’edificato della città di Heraklion per testare l’utilità di Grass e qGis nell’individuare le differenti densità edilizie a partire da una mappa raster.

L’operazione effettuata attraverso la consolle Grass è principalmente una:

l’analisi delle vicinanze (neighborhood analysis) attraverso la scansione della mappa raster mediante una finestra mobile (moving window).

Operazioni di categorizzazione sono state effettuate direttamente su qGis.

I risultati ottenuti ci mostrano le variazioni al variare della dimensione (neighborhood size) assegnata alla Moving Window.



Aumentando la dimensione della finestra mobile che identifica le celle edificate (attive), viene esaminata una superficie maggiore e si ottengono zone di utilizzazione territoriale più omogenee che rispecchiano le scale di analisi.



No.Le.M. is the codename of “NoLegendMap” initiative, for the creation of a map representation protocol with no legend.

The idea is based on Jacques Bertin “Variables” implemented with .svg file format in a way that the legend of data representation is useless. In this way any cartographic information can be represented without the explanatory use of the legend. This can be useful especially in web based map systems and obviously in the field of Geographic Information Systems. Until now the use of file format .svg, was not used in GIS systems, but in recent version of Qgis, became an option of representation. So it could be awesome to create a plugin based in the idea of representing  a map without the need of the legend !

I hope that this idea will be useful for the implementation of such  tool !…for python developers.

Please feel free to contact me or leave a comment.

Some testing … here